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Digital Hunting Telescope with Infrared Night Vision Binoculars. Review the information to learn more.

Your First Choice for Night Adventure - You've come to the perfect place if you're seeking for a nighttime adventure. The recently developed Night Vision Goggles provide 960P photo and video capture, video playback, 7-level infrared adjustment, 3x optical magnification, and 4x digital zoom, making them perfect for usage both during the day and at night. Without a doubt, this is the perfect equipment for any nocturnal adventure!

Colorful vs. Black & White - Night and Day Both day and night can be employed with the digital infrared night vision binoculars. The original color scene is displayed without infrared throughout the day.

The entire landscape in front of you is painted in the most lifelike hues, and the visual separation between you and it can go on forever. The nighttime picture will be turned into a black-and-white movie, and an infrared beam with a visible range of 984 feet will be used for more covert surveillance.

Keep Walking in the Dark in the Footsteps of Adventure - 7-level infrared helps you to see more clearly in complete darkness. Short pressing IR+ or IR- will change the infrared beams' intensity level. The infrared level increases with increasing screen brightness and is best used for darker scenes.

Features - 2.31" more eyesight clarity The built-in TFT LCD panel is enlarged to a 3-inch observation screen by a convex lens. You may zoom in or out smoothly to acquire 4X Digital pixel by long-pressing IR+ or IR-, making it possible to see and capture wild animals more clearly than previously.

Manual focusing is possible by turning the focus wheel. Rotate to the left to concentrate on objects that are farther away and to the right to concentrate on those that are nearby. Due to the clever non-slip design, you won't have to worry about dropping the night vision goggles. To switch functions, all that is need to do is press a button! Use a USB or TF card to transfer clear pictures and videos to any electronic device.

This is the equipment you need whether you're going on an adventure or researching something. Bring infrared binoculars with night vision for night hunting, camping, cave exploring, night fishing, and bird viewing. Whether it's a jaguar, a coyote, or a wild boar, remote monitoring can ensure your protection. It's also a wise decision if you just want to use it to monitor security and deter burglars.

Package Includes -
✅ 1 * Night Vision Device
✅ 1 * USB Cable
✅ 1 * Bag
✅ 1 * Strap
✅ 1 * User Manual
✅ 1 * 32g TF Card

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