Multifunctional Baby Diaper Bag with Collapsible Crib

£120 £240

So we all want that diaper bag that’s going to be comfortable, hold you and your baby stuff. The Diaper Bag with Collapsible Crib is a smart diaper bag. You have so many pockets, so much space and versatility that you can play with, and you can even charge your phone on the go.

Your baby now has a portable play area where they will find comfort to lay, play and relax! and secondly they will be shielded from public areas! It’s like your baby’s own mini home.


There is a fold-out section with privacy walls for diaper changes and other necessary functions built into the back of our backpack. Without adding any extra space when folded, you and your baby will be ready for any situation, anywhere.

privacy walls

Our Diaper Bag design considers your demands, firstly. Made with premium quality materials, complete innovative and functional design, this diaper bag does it all. Stores all of your baby’s essentials safely and securely.

Features of the Diaper Bag with Collapsible Crib

With multiple different pockets and compartments built in, it meets all the demands of mommy on the go. Separate bottles, clothes, towels, underwear, diaper, formula, and more.

Diaper Bag with Collapsible Crib

Lined with a waterproof material, you can easily wipe away any spill or mishaps and conveniently store wet clothes or diapers.

High-density insulated pockets help maintain bottle temperature over time. Great for when you’re on the go and won’t have access to a bottle warmer.

It can serve various tasks. Use as diaper bag, baby bed, mommy backpack, nurse bag, shopping bag or travel backpack. Constructed with the ultimate balance of style and functionality, our maternity bags are ready for anything.

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