Heated Menstrual Relief Pad

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Say goodbye to menstrual pain


Introducing the Menstrual Heating Pad, a drug-free period pain solution that actually works. The combination of heat and massage therapy relieves cramping, relaxes your muscles, and reduces bloating. It’s time to ditch the pills that are full of harmful side effects.


Simply strap it around your waist, adjust it to fit, and enjoy instant relief. Our pad is fully customizable, allowing you to change the level of heat and vibration to whatever fits your needs.


  • Relieves Cramping & Muscle Pain
  • Reduces Bloating
  • Unnoticeable Under Clothing
  • Sleek, Adjustable Fitting Design
  • Portable & USB Rechargeable

Give yourself the comfort you deserve! Join the thousands of customers who are satisfied with their Relief Pad. And if you don’t like it – you get your money back.


1. I am plus size, will the menstrual heat pad fit me?
~Yes! Talia's Secret Menstrual Pad has an adjustable and stretchable belt to fit all sizes.

2. I have pain on my back when I'm on my period, does it help?
~Yes! You can wear Talia's Secret Menstrual Heat Pad on your back to relieve the pain

3. How many heat levels can I change?
~Talia's Secret Cramp Period Relief Heat and Massage Pad has 3 levels of temp at 45°C, 55°C and 65°C

Prohibited people:

Patients with severe heart disease are prohibited from using moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases.
It is forbidden to use for patients with skin sensation disorders or skin abnormalities.
It is forbidden to use it for patients who suffer from gout or have not fully recovered from gout during the onset of the disease.
Patients with cervical cancer are prohibited from using it.
Pregnant women are prohibited from using


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