Wood Stove Fan with 4, 5, 6 and 12 Blades

£19.99 £66

4 Blade Stove and Log Burner Fan

Boost your heating with no electricity
Use as a fan for a wood-burning stove, oven fan, log burner fan, and more; this heat-powered stove fan is the eco-friendly heating solution you never knew you needed. 

In a stylish black colourway, it’ll complement any décor scheme, so grab one today and turn up the heat – without the central heating. 

Let the warmth Go FartherWood Stove Fan SF-300A1

Fireplaces Stove Top Fan If you own wood burning stove and you would like to get MORE HEAT throughout your room but you DO NOT want to spend more money on electricity - all you have to do is get one of these amazing heat powered stove fans, and you will be warm for FREE! - this manually operated fan generates its own energy and is powered by heat alone - no batteries or electricity required.


Customer Reviews

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Barbara Fadel

This fan was the equivalent of other fans that were four times as much. It cannot be simpler to use and has worked none stop for the past three weeks with no issues.
Only wish it was larger to move more air, but that was my decision regarding size. Would buy larger in the future.

Carley Morar
the cat is happy

This little fan is awesome! I've had these before and they looked neat spinning round and round but this one actually moves air! Go figure!
Anyhow, my house is much warmer and the fat cat that refuses to catch mice is very happy laying in front of the hot box...

Ambrose Jacobs

I’ve been using this fan for about a month now and I’m very satisfied! It was delivered very quickly in simple packaging. There were easy instructions inside. I basically pulled it out, set it on my stove and watched it go! It works effectively to move the hot air around so that it’s not so concentrated in one area. Our wood stove is in the basement of the house so we were having a hard time getting the heat to move upstairs. We noticed a difference right away even though you’re not able to feel much air if you place your hand in front of the fan, it definitely helps the heat to move!

Torrey Okuneva

This fan was well packaged. Be careful removing the inner packaging from the box, it is a tight fit. The fan blade and shaft can be damaged by rough handling. Some reviewers on similar fans complained that they didn't move any air. This fan does. It is not a motorized electric fan that blows hard enough to feel a breeze feet away. I can feel the air moving holding my hand about a foot in front of it. This doesn't sound like much, but it is obvious the the heat is dispersing better than it ever did without this fan. I think two fans would make an even greater difference. In my camper using a radiant heater the effect is much more noticeable. The heat up is faster and more even than without this fan. For me this product works.
Very practical magnet thermometer

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