Beauty facial mask foldable led photon Therapy red light

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 Foldable LED Photon 

A superior photon skincare and beauty tool that goes beyond skin regeneration is the 30-60°C Heating Therapy Machine. Your skin, face, and body are given more glow and bloom by the Derma light emission. Warm and comforting light energy is emitted by the Lightstim LED Light Therapy Device, which accelerates skin glow for anti-aging, minimizes wrinkles, and eliminates blemishes.


You can travel with it because it is a useful tool. In general, using this natural beauty tool is safe as long as you take the necessary precautions and maintain it. Without a doubt, this is the ideal present to please a friend, mother, and lover. Your skin's appearance will completely change thanks to our expert LED mascara light therapy machine. This can be utilized in a home spa salon because it is portable.

  • Function: This skin rejuvenation mask can promote the growth of collagen to whiten and brighten skin and reduce fine lines or wrinkles, shrinking pores to tighten the skin and improving skin color to let the skin become more smooth and elastic.
  • 7 PDT Mask: The led light facial mask design with 7 colors, light, and each color have its effect, it can meet your various beauty needs, and you can thoroughly treat the skin to recover the youthful appearance.
  • Benefits: Light operation process makes it suitable for most skin types without skin irritation or any side effects. Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment, Improve skin elasticity.
  • Safety: The face LED Mask is safe and convenient to operate. This short-time therapy is easy to use, non-risk of burning, comfortable and painless. Treat your skin to daily professional spa treatments from the comfort of your home.
  • Skin Care: The LED phototherapy machine specially designed for beauty, uses natural light waves to transmit light waves to the skin through LEDs. Without spending money to go to a beauty salon, you can do skin beautification at home to improve your skin.
face treatment

 How To Use

  • Clean your face
  • Turn on and set the mode, time, and temperature intensity

  • Apply mask, apply essence, etc. (This step can be omitted, but it is recommended to use the instrument with skin care products)

  • Bring an eye mask and enjoy light therapy

  • Tips: Use 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes each time. 


  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Color: White

  • Material: ABS

  • Weight:1265g

  • Type: LED Photon Machine

  • Control time: 1~30 minutes

  • Temperature range: 30°C~60°C  /86-140℉

  • Size: 37*23*29cm/14.57*9.06*11.42in

  • The number of lamp beads: 96
  • Power: 5.76-63.2W


    Light Function:

    1. Red(640nm): Deep repair and increased skin elasticity.
    2. Blue(415nm): Remove acne and inhibit bacteria.
    3. Yellow(590nm): Improves wrinkle and enhances immunity.
    4. Green(532nm): Lighten spots and calm skin.
    5. Purple: Improves fine lines
    6. Cyan: Deep metabolism and control oil.
    7. White: Seven-color light overlay

          Product Include:

  1. Main Machine
  2. Adapter
  3. Protection Goggles
  4. User Manual
  5. Box

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    Perfect product

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    superb product

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    Very good. Even there is an instruction on the Russian. Everything works, heat goes, diodes shine

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    Thank you all came
    Lamp works well
    Thank you

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    Just as it is in the photo. Extremely fast delivery

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