Powerful Green Laser Pen

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Whether you're a laser enthusiast or want to learn about electronics, soldering, or physics, our powerful green laser pointers have many uses!

Great for presentations, starry sky observations, and playing with pets. In wilderness emergencies, our green laser pointer can be more effective than a flashlight to signal the viewfinder, and the 303 laser is the best laser pointer generally available.

The rugged housing is a spiral structure with high compressive strength and incorporates a cooling system and a protective layer on the circuit board. And up to 8000 hours of burning time. With ultra-high power, you can quickly illuminate your match.

  • The 303 laser is the brightest in the and most durable military laser pointers can be purchased for money
  • Our brand new premium laser is what you really have to see to be able to believe and is the best green laser out there!

Why us?

  • Long Range - Even in broad daylight, you'll be able to shine your Laser 303 at a point a hundred yards away, but nighttime is when Laser 303 really shines. When it's dark, you'll be able to point at targets almost a mile away!

  • Safety Lock - Lasers can cause eye damage, especially more powerful lasers like what Laser 303 produces, so it should never be used by children. As an added feature, this comes with a lock so that kids can't turn it on without also having the keys. Make sure to keep the keys somewhere the kids can't get them!
  • Adjustable Focus - You can adjust the focus of the beams from Laser 303 so that it narrows to a point at a certain distance. Note that doing so will let you lightly score dark items and even burst black balloons and ignite blackened matchstick heads!
  • Optional Star Caps! - For a small additional amount, you can turn your laser pointer into a mesmerizing light show! Attach one of the star caps and watch your laser spread out into beautiful patterns that are a wonder to behold. Incidentally, this also lets you illuminate a much wider area if you need to do so.

Package List:
1 x Powerful Laser Pointer, Military Green Laser Pointer Pen

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