Wireless Posture Support Bra

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 Get a perfect posture instantly and perfect support for any bust size with our Wireless Posture Support Bra!

Wireless Posture Support Bra

This body shaper bra was designed with comfort in mind, but why having just a push-up comfy bra when we all know that most of the bras don't offer any support and your posture and back are affected? 
Finally, the new Wireless Posture Support Bra is the solution for a perfect posture and comfy, but firm support and can also be used as a post-surgery bra!

Wireless Posture Support Bra
  This innovative bra is designed to prevent and relieve back and/or neck pain and tension (knots, migraines, neck tension, etc.). Thanks to its Posture Corrector system and its possibility of adjustment at the front, on 2 levels according to your morphology, you will no longer feel pain and be at ease on a daily basis!

Wireless Posture Support Bra

Optimal Support

Created with 360° support technology, the Posture Support bra will refine your silhouette. It will also allow you to adopt a straight posture that is ideal for your back while providing comfortable support for your breasts. Its design is unique and adapted to all morphologies.

Wireless Posture Support Bra

Supportive Back Panel

Promotes better posture by supporting the shoulders in a way that minimizes the pressure of heavy breasts.

Wireless Posture Support Bra

Back and Neck Pain Relief

Most people sit for long hours in front of their computers or on the phone, with their chin tilted up and back. This can lead to poor posture and pain in the neck and shoulders. You can help maintain good posture with the Wireless Posture Support Bra, which uses gentle compression for comfortable support alone or underneath any clothing. 

Snug Fit

The Wireless Posture Support Bra is composed of interlaced elastic bands that offer you unequaled comfort and support. It is designed with a material that lets your skin breathe. Wear it easily under all your clothes thanks to its wide straps adjustable on 3 levels and its lack of underwire. Invisible, ergonomic, and comfortable, it is ideal for everyday wear.

Wireless Posture Support Bra


☑️IMPROVE POSTURE – Works by training your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment.
☑️REDUCE BACK PAIN – Bad posture left unchecked can cause pain, lethargy, and even lead to nerve damage. 
☑️MAXIMUM COMFORT – Allows effective assistance while being comfortable to wear. 
☑️INVISIBLE – Fits seamlessly under your clothes, giving no indication of the extra help!
☑️THE PERFECT FIT - Adjustable hook and front eye closure for an astonishingly accurate fit, no matter your shape. 
Wireless Posture Support Bra
Wireless Posture Support Bra

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Odd construction, but dang, it **IS** comfortable!

This has hooks and eyes ON THE STRAPS and in the front! I thought it was a little weird, but when I put it on, it's soooo comfortable, I feel like I could wear it for days! I usually wind up having to SEW the adjustable straps in place. These straps are genius!

Excellent bra

This is the best bra I have ever worn. It is so good I had to take a picture for this review. I ordered another one after I received the first because I was so pleased with the fit. I got sized at Victoria secrets And ordered that size here. Perfect. The support is excellent. I change bras when I get home from work to be more comfortable because the support in these bras is so great. This bra really does help your posture.

Emily D
Finally found something I can wear!

After spending months of trying to find a non padded bra that clasps in the front, this is the one I am really happy with. Once I got it I immediately washed it and the next day I wore it. I love how theres that bit of pressure to remind me to sit up more and it doesnt smash my breasts together. I workout twice a day and although its very lightweight I still had support. I dont see this bra making it a year but thats fine. Maybe I'll update after a year has passed.

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