Wearable Sleeping Bag

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-Actual Measurements: M full length is approximately 180 cm/70.8 inches; L full length is approximately 190 cm/74.8 inches; XL full length is approximately 200 cm/78.7 inches; fit for the height is approximately 170-185 cm/67-72.8 inches.
-Hollow cotton and polyester fibre make up the material. This sleeping bag is made to be soft, warm, comfy, and durable by being both waterproof and windproof.

-Ideal for outdoor camping, sleepovers, family gatherings, and other situations where there aren't enough beds for everyone, the comfortable temperature range is from -5 to +53 °C. ideal for both men and women.
Simple to Roll into Compression Sack: This sleeping bag is very easy to roll into the compression sack, making it ideal for travel or sleepovers. If it gets filthy, simply wash it in the washing machine and dry flat.
-Separating Zippers: They make it simple to get in and out, and they also come with a handy carry bag for convenient portability.
We cordially encourage you and your children to appreciate the cosiness, comfort, and useful functionality of this prestigious, cutting-edge, and entertaining sleepwear system!

1. This full body sleeping bag gives you the ability to walk or out without having to remove your sleeping bag.
2. The comfort loft filling and polyester lining make this sleeping bag soft, warm, comfortable and durable.
3. Suitable for outdoor camping, sleepovers, family visits, and other situations where there are not enough beds for everyone.
4. Individual wrapped, easy and convenient to use, washable.

Material: polyester fiber, cotton
Size chart:
M: approx.180 cm/70.8 inch (head to toe), suitable for people 150-160 cm/ 60-63 inch.
L: approx.190 cm/74.8 inch (head to toe), suitable for people 160-170 cm/ 63-67 inch.
M: approx.200 cm/78.7 inch (head to toe), suitable for people 170-185 cm/ 67-72.8 inch.

Packing List:
1*Wearable Sleeping Bag

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