Professional Gps Tracker Detectors

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Professional Gps Tracker Detector is a powerful RF signal & Magnetic Field Detector that assists you in detecting hidden devices in your environment. Hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and eavesdropping devices are examples of such devices. Imported ultra-high sensitivity chips that have been meticulously designed to protect your privacy.


Did you realize that your personal information could be compromised? Yes, there are many devices available today that record your video and audio, such as pens and mini hidden devices.

How about safeguarding your privacy without the use of costly detectors?


Our GPS Tracker Detector will be your best friend + your personal privacy protector. 

There is no need to spend Extra cash on high - cost devices!

How does It work? 
The bug sweeper can accurately detect various GPS locators, trackers, eavesdroppers, 1.2G~5.8G wireless camera, 2G/3G/4G signal from SIM card bugs,s, and other equipment. This camera detector bug detector spy camera finder protects your privacy at all times.

Best Places to Use the Detector 
The Professional Gps Tracker Detector can use for home, office, hotel, motel, car, bathroom, dressing room, business negotiation, confidential session, entertainment venues, or as a daily used scanner to prevent being photographed, shooting videos, and monitor magnetic field signal.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE IN OUR Professional Gps Tracker Detectors?

There are several companies that sell GPS Tracker Detectors on the market, but 90% of them are made of cheap materials and it can only last for about 2-3 weeks, and their prices are even higher.

The market monopoly has ended with the introduction of our Professional Gps Tracker Detectors. This is the primary distinction between our GPS Tracker Detector and the competition. This is why our Upgraded GPS Tracker Detector is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK!

What's New In Our Professional Gps Tracker Detectors?

  • Improved Detector Range
  • Improved Working Time ( 35+ Hours in Single Charge )
  • Get Free Detection Hose
  • Portable & Easy To Carry

Which Devices Our GPS Tracker Detector Can Detect?

  • Wifi camera
  • Wireless magnetic GPS tracker
  • Wired GPS tracker
  • Magnetic GPS trackers turned on or off
  • Wireless camera
  • Active wireless wiretap on the landline phone or cellular phone,\
  • Active wireless eavesdroppers
  • Active GSM /CDMA/DECT/3G/4G/5G bugs
  • Active bugging transmitter operating over Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth
  • Active body-carried illegal transmitters
  • William review of GPS Tracker Detector #2022 Tracker Detector With Free Detection Hose


Magnetic field detection range 50mm-300mm
RF signal detection range 15-25㎡
Frequency Range 1MHz-2.8GHz
Detection Range > 72 dB
Detection Sensitivity < 0.03 mV (main band)
Battery Capacity 1600mAh
Working Time 20-35+h


Package Include:

  • 1 x Detector host
  • 1 x Lighting and Magnetic Detection Hose ( FREE )
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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