The Best USB Silent Fly Trap

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Say Goodbye To All Nasty Insects and Enjoy Summer 

Keep your home free-flying with an electric flytrap!

We all like to spend time outside with our families, having barbecues, and going camping on the weekends. 
The only thing destroying the outdoors as summer approaches are the pesky bugs; constantly swiping them off of our meals and bodies gets old fairly quickly.

Get ready for the return of disease-carrying flies! In summer, our Venus flytraps are lifesavers!

The system attracts flies with a small piece of bait, and when they land on the bait, the rotating mechanism catches and catches them! There is no way to get rid of it.

Anti-escape system/child safety Once trapped, flies cannot escape.
The flytrap can be taken out individually, the flies are handled and the flytrap cleaned. No dangerous electric shock is used to kill flies, safe around children.
Get rid of all surrounding insects in your home or office! Our Fly Trap has a fatal attraction to insects and mosquitoes. Never again be worried about any bites or buzzing sounds anywhere!

Simply place bait (such as tuna, fish sauce, or shrimp paste) in the grooves. Mixing bait together will create a stronger attractant for the flies. Connect the USB cable to a power source. Watch the flytrap in action by turning it on. The device is disassembled for easy cleaning.

This USB Fly & Bug Trapping Device is completely non-toxic and safe for anybody to use! Say goodbye to chemical sprays!

This captures any flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and all other annoying bugs!

Use method:

Place sugar water or soft crumbs of food in the five bait stations located on the trap. When the flies are feasting, the rotating arm sweeps over them to trap them inside.

They fly into the collection tray where they die after a few days. Unplug the red stopper on the bottom to empty tray.

Environmentally friendly, safe and does not use chemicals to catch flies.

Package included:

1 x Fly Trap Device

1 x USB Cable

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