The Original dog beds for humans

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Welcome to the Best Nap of Your Life

The Ultimate Napping Product 

You can get a huge dog bed — FOR HUMANS — and I totally need it!

Life is moving so fast, isn’t it? Sometimes we really just need to take a minute, breathe, relax, and take a nap.


And, when it comes to naps, there’s nothing better than grabbing a fluffy blanket  and curling up in a cozy, comfy spot.

Inspired by the classic dog bed, the Plufl is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing a space where you can rest, recharge, and rejuvenate. Experience the product that went viral on Social media! 

The Plufl is great with your friends and pets too!

That’s where this human dog bed comes into play.

Have you ever just looked at your pup lying in their Dog bed all comfy and cozy, and been a little jealous? Like, we should get a fluffy bed to curl up in, right?!?

This Plufl is called a “napping bed,” but you can use it for so much more. Reading, watching TV, working, napping — you can do it all in the Plufl.

Like on a dog bed, this Plufl features a fluffy thick pillow border. This allows you to slide your hands and your feet into the recesses of the bed. Doesn’t that just sound relaxing?!?

What Makes a Plufl?

The Plufl is constructed with a multilayered orthopedic and memory foam base, and the pillow bolster is made of a blend of natural cotton and poly fibers. We use ethically sourced, high-quality materials to ensure we deliver our promise of an enhanced napping experience. It comes in an easy-to-remove, machine-washable case so you don't have to worry about any accidents!

☁️ Built-In Heavenly Pillow Bolsters

😌 Luxuriously Soft Faux Fur Cover

🙌 Tuck Your Hands and Feet Inside

😴 Be Cradled into a Comforting Fetal Position

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it especially this color

Thank you Crovatt my dog and i loved it too much

Such Amazinng thank you

Finally i received today even the shipping took forever but i really love it , all i need during this seoson

love it but the delay

Seriously, someone tell milouge to stop making these amazing human dog beds so my wallet can have a break. I never thought I needed a GIGANTIC human dog bed but its truly the best thing I’ve ever owned. I love to use it to nap in and also when I travel with work I can take it and use it in the hotel room.Even there was some delay but it deserves.

Something This Cosy Should Be A Crime

I received mine on Monday as promised. I just wanted to say a big thanks. I've 2 kids. My youngest 4 has always refused to sleep in a bed, he sleeps on the floor. I had looked into getting a dog bed for him but I didn't think he'd get the support he'd need from lying on it. He has slept in it every night.

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