0-48M Ergonomic Baby Carrier

£39.99 £78.99

Babies deserve to be carried safely to encourage natural growth. The Ergonomic Baby Carrier is a great way to ensure your child is secure and safe without sacrificing your own comfort. It can be used for babies ranging from newborns to 3-year-olds.

Build Quality of the Ergonomic Baby Carrier

The Ergonomic Baby Carrier is made from a soft touch polyester material. It is designed to keep the baby and adult comfortable for hours while remaining versatile enough to encourage complex movements like bending down or turning around.

It comes with some free bibs that can be put on the shoulder straps to absorb any random bites from the baby’s curious little teeth. The soft-touch material on the bibs will help you absorb any spills from food. This helps the carrier stay clean and last longer.



Backpacks & Carriers

Net Weight

0.77 kg

Age Range

1 – 10 months

Load Bearing

17 kg




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