Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

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Imagine sitting all day on any chair without back pain

Patented shaped by in-house ergonomists, the Ergonomic Seat Cushion is scientifically designed to relieve sitting and hip pressure while improving sitting posture on any chair. Proprietary extra-dense charcoal memory foam is odor resistant and provides velvet support for all-day sitting comfort.

  • Office or Working From Home
    Instantly add enjoyable bottom cushioning to any chair to relax hip muscle and improve posture.
  • Driving
    Enjoy comfy cushioning with every drive without fatigue.
  • Grippy Bottom
    Secures the cushion against your chair, removable in seconds.
  • Pairing
    Use with Back Relief Lumbar Pillow for the ultimate sitting comfort.

Standard: 18 W x 15.5 L x 4 H inches

  • Even weight distribution
  • Earth-friendly materials
back sciatica hip pressure relief seat cushion

Advanced design with multi-region pressure relief

Pairs perfectly with the award-winning Back Relief Lumbar Pillow to fully take the pressure off of your hip & back for all-day sitting comfort..
sciatica pain seat cushion for work from home

Soft and comfy, like sitting on cloud.

Relieve Hip Pressure

Proprietary HYPERFOAM™, soft rebounding memory foam is infused with charcoal extract to prevent odor and conforms naturally around the leg and hip to deeply release muscle tension and provide cloud-like comfort.

Smooth and Breathable

Removable and washable cover is made with earth-friendly recycled polyester fabric that breathes and wicks moisture to ensure cool and airy usage even during the summer time.

dynamic rebounding memory foam conforms to the natural curve of spine and back while providing pressure relieving back support for all day sitting comfort.

Customer Reviews

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Tracey Hermiston

I rarely write reviews, but must on this item. Along with the seat cushion, this lumbar pillow has been THE BEST THING for my back. I had thought about buying a $1000 ergonomic chair, but decided to try these cushions first and am so glad I did. I am able to sit for 8 hours of work in my office chair, pain-free. We have 3 of the lumbar cushions so we don't fight over them in our family. They can easily be moved from office chair to dining chair or sofa. I also use the pillow when driving long distances. I highly recommend this product, hands down. It is better than any pain reliever you can take, and I would argue helps prevent pain by correcting posture in a supportive way.

Evalyn Upton

We have two of them that are permanently on our chairs at dining table. I have chronic back pain and hubby has arthritis. Could not get along without them! and my little babe love it too :)

Janae Kuhn

i ordered 2 items i received only one and the lumbar pillow arrived after 2 days

Rod Keeling

very good

Timmy Homenick

Comfortable very good

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